Be part of SABEResPODER's Panelist Program!

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What is SABEResPODER’s Panelist Program?

Our Panelist Program provides our community an opportunity to make extra money while also making their opinions heard to influence the products and services offered to Hispanic consumers. Survey invitations are sent via text message, and each survey you complete, means more money in your account. Generally, each survey has a duration of 10 to 15 minutes and offers an incentive of $1.50 as long as the survey is completed successfully. You can receive up to 5 surveys daily, but you decide how many you want to participate in.

How did SABEResPODER receive your number?

You might have responded to an ad promoting the Panelists Program online. We have your number because you completed a short enrollment form, where you confirmed your interest in the program.

What is the purpose of these surveys?

The goal of this program is to better understand the purchase preferences and behaviours of the US Hispanic consumers.

How does it work?

Profiler Invite - Your participation begins with completing a profiler survey through mobile. This survey helps us determine what surveys to send your way so you have more opportunities to qualify and earn money. If you haven’t completed your profiler, make sure to send a text message with the word “PROFILE” to 72237.

Survey Alerts - Once you complete your profiler, you will receive Survey Alerts through text message every time a survey becomes available. The message will include information on the topic of the survey and the amount that will be awarded. Remember, most surveys offer a $1.50 incentive for completing it successfully.

I’m receiving messages in Spanish and English

SABEResPODER’s Panelist Program was first introduced to our Spanish dominant audience with all communication being in this language. We have recently expanded our program to English/Spanish bilinguals as well as English only speakers. We are currently working on providing communication in English. At the moment, you might continue receiving messages in Spanish; however, if you choose “English”as your survey language preference on the profiler, the surveys will be in English, regardless of the language of the Survey Alert message.

How do I receive my payment?

Once your account reaches a balance of $10 for completing surveys, you will receive a SABEResPODER Membership Card. Every month, SABEResPODER will load your card with your balance earned as long as you have reached the minimum balance of $10 in your account.

Have any additional questions? Contact us at 844.447.2237